Escape TIYR™ has arrived

Flipping tyres is not a new concept. The Escape TIYR™ is a new take on an old idea but we have taken something that was both fun and challenging and taken it to a whole new level.

Flipping tyres develops whole body strength, it’s a great idea. But dirty old tractor tyres aren’t fitness equipment. The answer? The Escape TIYR™.

The Escape TiyR in action!

The Escape TIYR™ maintains the rawness of flipping tyres and delivers all the original fitness challenges but with none of the downsides of scrap tyres. The TIYR™ is soft but heavy, simple but innovative and still super tough like the ‘real’ thing.

For years, tyres have been used by all manner of facilities to build strength. They have featured in Strongman competitions and, as a rule, have been the focus for only a small majority of people who would visit a club, namely bodybuilders or sports playing members. However, the Escape TIYR™ is bright, bold, and attractive. It retains all the power of a ‘traditional’ tyre but is designed to appeal to every user.

Exercises can be easily regressed and progressed too thanks to three different weight increments, perfect for any ability. This means that the TIYR™ is the perfect inclusive, functional fitness tool, a must-have addition to any functional space and the first name on the team sheet when it comes to boot camps.

Check out the video below to see the TIYR™ in action!

Flipping tyres is hard. However, hard also needs to be safe and effective so we looked at the ‘touch-points’ and also the weight distribution of tractor tyres and found that by reducing the diameter, but increasing the mass, we could make the Escape TIYR™ challenging to lift and flip but also land flat when pushed over (unlike tyres which can roll away).

You can stand and jump safely into the centre of the TIYR™ as all the internal edges are smooth which multiplies the exercise possibilities by giving you a new platform to jump on/off and in to.

For the Trainer
The weight of a recycled tyre varies enormously depending upon its size and age. This means that any client lifting it for the first time is effectively lifting an unknown, which exposes them to unacceptable risks. With the TIYR™ you know what you are getting.

Ask yourself this, what is the point of flipping tyres? It creates whole body strength and power.  Well yes, but with scrap tyres it’s just hard for the sake of being hard, especially if the tyre is of a large diameter and the user is short (because when they have it at chest height it still isn’t close to passing it’s tipping point), with the TIYR™ all the mass is spread evenly so being shorter isn’t a disadvantage.

The awesome Escape TiyR

The engineered, double stitched, nylon grab handles enable the lifter to create more effective torque in their upper body – unlike with recycled tyres where you have to grab them wherever there is tread (not ideal). These grab handles continue over the sidewall making dead-lifts and farmers walks a new exercise option for everyone in the gym.

Flips, lifts, partner pushes, in-and-out jumps, and much more. Strength, cardio and functional fitness. It can all be done with the Escape TIYR™.

We know the TIYR™ will quickly become an Escape classic product and a unique must-have for every functional zone!

For more information email the Escape sales team, give them a call on +44 (0)1733 313535.

Escape TIYR™ – International Patents Pending



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