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TRX money making guide:


TRX Training is not just another workout station in your facility. It’s a fully supported, endless money making solution proven to drive non-dues revenues and increase member retention at clubs around the world. With TRX, you get more than customised functional training equipment.


You get staff education courses and everything you need to successfully launch and maintain a TRX Training programme. The best part: It delivers impressive results for members.
The four key benefits of the TRX money making machine:
•       Increases Member Retention
•       Drives Non-Dues Revenue
•       Customised, End-To-End
•       Trains your staff
What is TRX Suspension Training?
Suspension Training is a proprietary exercise modality and system of movements, coaching cues and programme principles. Suspension Training requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s bodyweight for instantly scalable resistance while performing any of the hundreds of Suspension Training movements.

Make your square footage work harder
Do you have space in your facility that’s just sitting around? Or perhaps it’s working for you, but not making much money. TRX offers an array of customisable TRX Training Zones comprised of upgraded commercial equipment that works for any size facility. Run fee-based group classes and/or use it for personal training sessions and boost your ROI.

How will it work in your facility?
Group training: There is a range of anchoring solutions to get TRX suspension training working in your club.
•    TRX Suspension Frame are available from 5ft to 20 ft long. So you can hold classes with up to 25 people at one time indoors or outdoors.
•    TRX Multi Mounts are available from 7ft to 21 ft long. They attach easily to a solid wall and can support up to 8 users at any one time.
•    TRX X Mounts are a discrete anchoring solution – just 12cm in diameter and fits to most solid constructions for a single TRX mount.
•    TRX Door Anchor – simply attach the anchor to a door and get suspended!
•    Finally the TRX is a very versatile piece of kit and can be used anywhere you can find a place to hook it up, just make sure it is secure, i.e. a tree!

Personal training is also really easy with the TRX Suspension Trainer. With a whole range of all-body work out moves and rehabilitation exercises you can tailor your clients programme to their individual needs.


                                              TRX X Mount                                                                                                       TRX Suspension Frame

          Earn more from your TRX time!     Earn more from your TRX time! 

Send your staff to our classes
TRX equipment is pretty simple (that’s the beauty of it). TRX Professional Education courses help make the rest of it easy, too. Led by industry and TRX experts, classes deliver the basics on how to set-up the training gear, cue exercises, programme classes and help make your club a success. The official training partner in the UK is Faster Health & Fitness. If you require training then call them on: 08455 19 16 15 or visit their website here >> Faster Global
Help your members achieve their goals
There’s a reason why major gyms such as Virgin Active, Fitness First and DW Sports, teams throughout the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premiership, NFL®, MLB®, UFC®, and NBA®, not to mention all branches of the UK/US Military and elite coaches and personal trainers such as Todd Durkin, Mark Verstegen and Bob Harper, all use TRX. IT WORKS. Your members will see results, have a good time and tell their friends.
Train anyone at any level for anything
There’s a reason you can find TRX training gear in weight rooms throughout the NFL, in the suitcases of Olympic athletes and in large gym chains throughout the world. It’s because TRX trains the foundation of everything: movement. The versatility of TRX Suspension Training means that you can pick from hundreds of functional exercises and create a programme that maps directly to the individual needs and goals of any client or athlete.

See the training in action here with our Escape Fitness friend David Haye:

If you are interested in learning more about what TRX Training can offer your club then ring us now on 0800 458 5558 or email us at