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The top 5 things to consider when buying dumbbells | Escape Fitness
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The Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Dumbbells

Whether you are looking to buy a new complete set of dumbbells or simply buy a pair of heavy free-weights this guide will help you avoid some of the dumbbell pitfalls and make sure you get the right dumbbell for you.


If at any time you would like to view our vast selection of dumbbells then please use this link here to view our Strength Section:

Who uses your dumbbells and how frequently?

•    Heavy weight: Choose a weight range that ends on a heavy weight, i.e. 50kg. Also be prepared that these dumbbells may be dropped due to heavy rep sets and progression so make sure the dumbbell is made of a strong material, i.e. Urethane.
•    Personal training: Do to the variety of customers being trained a set of 1-20kg would work fine. Materials to consider include rubber and steel due to the infrequent use.
•    Beginners: Consider a dumbbell type with an attractive design to engage beginners, i.e. the Escape Red Urethane dumbbells. Also consider as they are beginners the weight increases should be gradual (1kg) and should be a lower weight to avoid hasty progression, i.e. 1-10kg Reebok Professional dumbbells.

Consider that you may need a couple of different sets to cater to all of your clients. Generally a beginner and heavy weight set will cover most client bases. If in doubt, ask your customers for their advice as they know best!

Escape Edge Dumbells

What type of material is right for my needs?

•    Urethane: High quality and more durable than rubber, with a 3 year warranty.
•    SBX: Synthetic, odourless hardwearing rubber. A bridge between natural rubber and Urethane. 2 year warranty.
•    Rubber: Tough natural material, thick for durability. Easy to grip for functional exercises. 1 year guarantee.
•    Steel: Stylish classic steel dumbbells to attract members to your free-weight area. 1 year guarantee.


What weight range should I order?

A good weight range would be 1kg-50kg as a basic standard set for your users. Though you might find that your users require different ranges and different increments to other gyms so the best advice we can give would be to listen to and observe your members.

What sort of usage do you currently get from your clients?

•    Light usage: 1-10kg set works best for studios and stretching areas.
•    Medium: 2-20kg for various lifting abilities.
•    Heavy usage: 2-50kg for free-weight fanatics.
It completely depends on your customer. For example the Escape Urethane range runs from 2kg to 50kg. The end plates are colour coordinated red, grey and black for light, medium and black usage to help users find the right dumbbell for them.

You should also consider when buying a set what increment you want the dumbbells to increase by. Whether you are looking for slight increase of 1kg or a more gradual increase of 2.5kg etc.

Escape Edge Dumbbells Set 27.5-50kg

Escape Fitness Horizontal Dumbbell Rack Set

I have had problems with dumbbells coming loose how can I avoid it?
Ask for a dumbbell that has a fixed pressed head, instead of dumbbells with bonded end plates. With frequent use the bond will wear and the end plate will come off.

My current dumbbells have a bad smell, what should I look for to prevent this in my new set?
Cheaper rubber is made from unclean scrap rubber; you can tell if from the bad smell.  All rubber has a slight smell to it but if it is a strong burnt smell then it is a low quality rubber and will split easily after several months of use.  

Escape dumbbells are made from our patented clean synthetic rubber that will not smell and will not split like cheaper dumbbells. This new synthetic compound is also more durable so we have increased our warranties to reflect this.

I have had problems with endplates and stickers coming off what should I look for in a dumbbell to prevent this again?

Look for permanently engraved logos/numbers or make sure they have been painted with specialist Urethane paint to ensure longevity.

How should I store my dumbbells?

Storage of your dumbbells is very important. Whether you want to keep your free-weight area tidy, stylish, or simply protect your floor here is what you should consider:

•    Struggling for space? Escape has created a range of racks, including the eye-catching X rack and upright racks to save space as well as look good. Or if you have a little more room – use the horizontal racks to display your weight range if free-weights are important to your members.
•    Want to protect your free-weight area? Make sure you choose the right flooring type needed to absorb impact, storing them correctly to prevent wear and tear (and make the club look neat and tidy).

Escape Fitness Upright Rack                                          



Promote your dumbbells in your gym
If you are trying to attract beginners or simply want to learn more exercises with your dumbbells see our range of exercise posters here >>

If at any time you would like to view our vast selection of dumbbells then please use this link here to view our Strength Section: