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The top 5 things to consider when buying foam rollers | Escape Fitness
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The top 5 things to consider when buying foam rollers

In this foam roller buying guide you’ll find out the key differences in material types, sizes and the importance of using different versions for your activities.


The Grid

What type of foam roller should I use and when?

•    Hard: For a deep tissue massage or core stability workout due to firm construction
•    Soft: For yoga, pilates and stretching. Great for studio use.
•    Short rollers: Easy for PTs to carry around, easier to pinpoint troublesome areas the body
•    Long: perfect for pilates and yoga. An aid for balance and stabilisation due to the length.



Reebok Short Foam Roller               Reebok Long Foam Roller                       Escape Fitness Foam Roller                                  The Grid

Reebok Short & Long foam roller                                   Escape Fitness hard roller                     The Grid hard roller



Which material is right for me?

•    Reebok synthetic foam: Non-slip surface and very easy to clean. The close cell construction allows a degree of ‘give’ while ensuring they keep their shape.
•    Escape Polyurethane: A step up from synthetic foam Polyurethane has a firmer, more durable construction. Easy to clean and the Polyurethane coating will remain hygienic even with intensive use as it doesn’t absorb sweat or dirt.
•    Grid EVA: Made from less foam than traditional foam rollers this solid environmentally friendly EVA roller is easy to clean and lighter than other foam rollers thanks to the hollow middle.

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What is the difference between a traditional foam roller and the Grid?

•    Distrodensity™ zones: the grooves on the surface of the Grid act like a human hand to give a deeper self myofascial release (SMR)massage.
•    The hollow centre has two real benefits:
1. It is environmentally friendly as the roller uses less foam
2. Makes it perfect for travelling.
•    Full training programme developed around the Grid for SMR and SMRT-CORE – a programme to build core strength and conditioning.

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Should I buy more than one type of roller?  

If you want to do stretching and yoga moves as well as a deep tissue massage you would benefit from a soft roller as well as a hard roller. This also allows you to progress your client from a soft to a firm massage which is essential for SMR development.



Most foam rollers are very easy to clean. To protect them from wear and tear ensure they are used on the correct flooring.

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Promote your foam rolling area in your gym:

Use exercise posters to highlight your foam rolling area. Plus we have a whole host of DVDs available to build and grow your foam roller knowledge.


                                  Exercise posters                                                                                             DVDs: SMR Preparation

Foam Roller Exercise Poster                       SMR Foam Roller DVD