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With 12 months standard warranty on our installation service guarding against defects or faults in workmanship, you can be assured of quality service from the very beginning. Moisture resistant finishes ensure stains and moisture do not spoil your floor while keeping smells and bacteria to a minimum and also promoting healthy environments for your members, and potential members, to workout in.

With simple to clean, durable finishes and generic maintenance instructions, you’ll find that maintaining your flooring investment is straightforward and hassle free. To show how seriously we take this we have developed our own range of flooring cleaning solutions that will keep your flooring performing at the top level.


The cleaning packs provide a generic cleaning system for all our floor coverings and are low foaming to facilitate easy rinsing.


A daily/weekly cleaning product that is a non acidic low alkaline product to remove general dirt or spills whilst being kind to the floor surfaces and non damaging to materials.


A periodic cleaner, heavy duty solution for a deep clean and for use on heavily soiled areas in the gym.

We have an excellent care and maintenance document to fully support the cleaning packs helping us deliver the final piece of the excellent service Escape provide with the flooring sector of the business.