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Our innovative team of creatives deliver cutting edge design.
From graphic design, photography, video production and
3D visualisation we service the fitness industry, worldwide.

As markets become bigger and more saturated, having a unique strategy to deliver striking and eye-catching design within your company is vital to ensure customer attraction and retention.


We tend to make judgements on something within nine seconds of seeing it. This is spoken about a lot in the business and professional industry, and chances are it’s no different for people who are attending your gym. So what do they see when they first walk in? A breath-taking first impression could result in a member for life.

  •     A brand new space or a makeover for an existing area.
  •     Open and inclusive dialogue between you and our team of designers to
        ensure we fully appreciate your needs and end goal.
  •     Full project research undertaken to help us understand
        your business objectives.

  •     Bringing your space to life with a professionally rendered visualisation.
  •     Equipment, flooring and wall graphics allow you to see the finished space
        in all its glory.
  •     A virtual tour of your new space from the comfort of your own chair.

  •     Our expert team of experienced equipment, flooring and graphic installers
        will make your plans a reality.
  •     Industry and on-site knowledge combine for an efficient and
        comprehensive build.
  •     Cut the ribbon and your new space is ready for action!


A global example of a brand using design as the basis of its development is Starbucks Coffee. Extensive re-designs within stores have made them feel less like a Starbucks, and more like a local coffee shop after falling profits and negative feedback from customers. Do you want your gym or club to feel the same as every other chain in the country, or do you want it to be unique?

Starbucks now has over 200 dedicated Designers throughout the world. These designers work to localise stores. There are thoughtful touches like furniture made from reclaimed basketball court wood at the Barclay’s Centre in Brooklyn.

When members use your gym, how easy is it for them to make the space their own, without disturbing other users? Can they move equipment from one place to another to create their ideal experience and workout? Smart design allows you to create spaces where people can use all the equipment they want for the very best experience and to achieve the best results.

Ultimately, Starbucks realised that good design means good business.

And good design within the fitness industry is no exception.


At Escape Fitness we know that the right design for your gym can revolutionise your appeal and your revenue potential. You will be able to attract and retain the best Personal Trainers. You will have more people attending and telling their friends about your gym.

The design of your facility needs to work for you, your staff and trainers, and for your members and customers. Good design enables members and trainers to operate safely and workout hard in well equipped, specific areas.

Our advanced team of visualisation and gym design experts can help you achieve this, no matter what the size of your club. From specific flooring zones, to challenging functional training areas and sprint tracks, we know how to provide a gym experience that really works. Better still, we will create complete 3D visualisations of your facility so you know exactly how it will look on completion. Then our specialist team of installers will ensure the 3D designs are realised to the highest standards.