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Clubs are increasingly tapping into the popularity of combat sports including Goju-ryu, karate, Muay Thai, UFC, kickboxing and Jujutsu. Offering this style of training adds an exciting new dimension to any club, and gives members another way to get and stay stronger and fitter. It’s also great fun, and is known to be a high-intensity calorie burner.

Escape has what every club needs to tap into this opportunity. Check out our trio of tools for a brilliant MMA style training experience. With these tools in place, members can train in this style and get great results, even if they have no intention of ever going into the ring. And once a club has this equipment, it’s all set to be the go-to place in their area for anyone wanting to get a real blast of MMA training.


Put your BOA Mitts on at the start of the workout and keep them on all the way to the end. Thanks to their open-palm design, there’s no need to remove them when switching between bag work and handling functional training tools. They bring an authentic feel to any combat training session, but really come alive when used in a fusion of combat and functional training.

The fingerless design used by MMA fighters for grappling is just as useful for functional training. Hit a punchbag, do a push-up, swing a kettlebell and lift some dumbbells, all without having to remove your BOA Mitts.
The open-palm design puts hands into a more natural position than regular boxing gloves, so they are ideal for people just getting into punchbag-based exercise.
Available in two sizes, medium and large, both weighing in at around 8ozs per mitt: noticeably lighter than boxing gloves at 12-16oz, adding to the comfort and universal appeal.
Clubs can encourage members to embrace MMA training by selling them their own pair of BOA Mitts. This can be done as part of a training/equipment package for group classes or individual training sessions.


The Thai Bag is Escape’s first full-length bag for workouts in Muay Thai and MMA styles incorporating punches, elbows, kicks and knees. A great fit for any MMA-themed boutique or combat focused space within a club, it performs brilliantly for developing endurance, rotational power and overall conditioning.

A core of quality rebonded foam, selected from several options for its ability to maintain its shape and protect users during heavy workout routines.
High-density outer foam covered in GTEX, a non-slip synthetic leather material that helps you to make an impactful connection with each hit.
A loop attached to the base enables the Thai Bag to be tied securely in place. Preventing the bag from swinging allows for a faster, more powerful and ultimately more intense workout.
The perfect choice for clubs launching programming to get people started with MMA style training. Also ideal for clubs looking to provide specialist facilities to attract people who want to develop their martial arts performance.


The BOA (Boxing Octagon Attachment) Rail can be added to any Escape Octagon HTS frame, enabling clubs to incorporate MMA or boxing training into their PT and group training programmes. The beauty is in its simplicity: just slide bags into place when you need them, lock them in position, and slide them back for storage.

Punchbags can be quickly moved in and out of use, so fast transitions between combat and functional training styles are possible.
Multiple bags can be used simultaneously for brilliant group workouts: group MMA sessions are a huge hit with members.
The high-level BOA Rail lets you maximise floor space because the area under the rail can be used for other exercises between combat sessions.
An extremely durable system. The BOA Rail has the same strength rating as the rails used in car assembly: it really is that strong.