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Escape Fitness PlyoSoft Box


The Escape Fitness PlyoSoft® Boxes have variable heights which are perfect for developing strength and explosiveness. They can be used as a set of three or individually, helping you to progress and regress plyometric jumps and step-up exercises.

Plyometric training is ideal for improving lower body strength and stability and can be embraced by users of all different abilities – from beginners right through to professional athletes.

Perfect for use in a functional training class, the PlyoSoft® Boxes can be configured in seven different heights and the soft edges mean that users can jump in full confidence, without fear of injuring their shins – unlike with traditional wooden or metal plyometric boxes.

Balance training with PlyoSoft Box
Develop strength with PlyoSoft Box
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PlyoSoft Box

There are a few soft plyo boxes on the market now but none match the design and quality of these. They've made a real impact in the studio and, visually, look fantastic. They also encourage my clients to tackle bigger jumps too as they are soft and the risk of cutting your shins is minimal compared to a solid wooden or metal box.


Cross fit training using PlyoSoft Box
The Escape Fitness PlyoSoft Box range
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