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The rise of the boutique clubs proves that people’s taste for fitness is changing. There’s a growing demand for fun, fast group training, usually in a HIIT style. It’s why boutiques are doing so well, and why established clubs need to revisit their offering in order to compete.

Now any club can bring fantastic group training experiences to their members. Escape offers you a suite of programmes with everything you need to get going straight out of the box.


Many clubs leave programme development to one or two of their training staff. Initially that’s fine, as long as the trainers are competent with the training tools and best practice for group training. But this is rarely an ideal solution as trainers seldom stay at one club for long.

The danger is clear: if the trainers who develop your highly popular, well performing functional training programme leave, they take the programming with them. That can happen literally if you don’t secure IP for the programming, or as a consequence of having no-one else able to deliver it.



Escape has the solution: a complete package of trainer instruction and workout programming that guarantees you consistent delivery over the long term. Regardless of changes in personnel, the programming stays in place, fully owned by the club and designed to be run by any competent instructor.

Everything is included, across physical and online resources:

  • Comprehensive instruction manuals for trainers.
  • Videos and coaching notes of ready-to-run workouts and individual exercises.
  • Instruction specific to each type of equipment.
  • Marketing materials to help you promote the programmes to members.


By choosing these programmmes, a club’s trainers get access to all of the resources online, in addition to hard-copy manuals and workout cards. This includes specially-filmed videos of workouts and individual exercises. Having access to these is a great teaching resource, and ensures all the content is there on a trainer’s phone whenever they need it as a reminder of correct form and application.



Group functional training actually achieves two things at once:

1. It instructs people in the proper use of functional equipment. Functional tools aren’t like treadmills and fixed CV machines: you can’t just give people a couple of minutes’ instruction. There’s a need for deeper knowledge and confidence in how to use the equipment, and group training led by competent instructors achieves this.

2. It’s the best workout most people will ever have. For a challenging, fun, varied and results-focused workout experience, nothing quite matches a great functional workout in a group. Members who get into this style of training are more likely to feel fully engaged with fitness – and with the club and trainers making it happen for them.

These programmes personalise functional training for members. They get intense periods of instruction from trainers and the best workouts they’ve ever had. With three unique programmes in Escape’s suite, now every base is covered for every club and member.




Designed to achieve the maximal post exercise benefits of HIIT training, developing rest aerobic and anaerobic capacity to new levels. Varied, high intensity functional training that engages members of every fitness level.



A team-based programme developed by former British Army officers, based around high-intensity 35-minute workouts. Tapping into the popularity of bootcamps, it pushes participants past their comfort zone to their best ever fitness levels.



The versatility of the Escape Deck 2.0 is the key to this training. Using just the Deck and a handful of other carefully-chosen tools, it’s a programming package that works for large groups, small groups, boutique studios and even one-to-one PT.






When you invest in programming it needs to be there for consistent delivery over the long term. To do this, there are a few essential features of our functional group programming:

FLEXIBLE. By offering you a suite of programming styles, you can select which ones suit your brand and are right for your target audiences.

SCALABLE. By including trainer education as well as the programming itself, we’ve guaranteed that all your trainers can deliver the programmes. This means you can grow the frequency of classes, either on a single site or across multiple locations.

PROGRESSIVE. All of the programmes can be shaped to suit people fairly new on their fitness journey, and change with them as they develop their ability and needs.

VARIED. Variety is one of the things that makes functional training such a great experience, so our programming includes multiple different workouts to keep people coming back.

FUN! Working out should push people hard, but most people also need a sense of fun to keep them motivated. So we include teamwork, partner drills, tests and challenges to create a real buzz during the workout.