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Exercises: Lunge, shoulder press, press-up and row, bear crawl.

Equipment: Dumbbells.


medball workout.

Exercises: One arm putt, underarm pass, lateral lunge, speed skater.

Equipment: VERTMINI.


Muscle-blasting Bulgarian Bag workout.

Exercises: Spin, swing, Spiderman climb, press-up squat thrusts.

Equipment: Bulgarian Bag.


Simple but targeted post-natal recovery workout.

Exercises: Lunges and deadlifts.

Equipment: Corebag.


Total body tyre workout for everyone.

Exercises: Jump, press-up with twist, flip.

Equipment: TIYR.


Five exercises for maximum explosive
leg speed.

Exercises: Deadlift, power clean, box jump, medball toss, power band flexion.

Equipment: Barbell with plates, Plyosoft Box, Vertball.


A medball workout that brings playtime to the gym.

Exercises: Medball passes - team, three-on-one, two-on-two.

Equipment: VERTMINI.


Tyre ladder workout with more than just flipping.

Exercises: Deadlift/flip and burpee, jump, press-up with Spiderman, toe tap.

Equipment: TIYR.


A platform workout to hit quads, glutes, calves & hamstrings.

Exercises: Lunge, shoulder press, press-up and row, bear crawl.

Equipment: Dumbbells.


The eight-exercise platform workout.

Exercises: Step over, jump, push-up, mountain climber, burpee, lunge hop.

Equipment: Escape STEP and RISER.


Five-minute TABATA blast for leaner legs.

Exercises: Jump, reach through, hop, burpee, lateral knee driver, push-up.

Equipment: Escape RISER


Upper body metcon workout.

Exercises: Pull-up, dip, TRX row, torso trainer lift, squat and press, rope pull horizontal, boxing.

Equipment: Octagon T1 frame, TRX, torso trainer, rope pull, boxing bag.


HIIT workout.

Exercises: Clean and press, kettlebell swing, GRIPR swing, TRX row, overhead slam.

Equipment: Octagon HTS frame, Corebag, kettlebell, GRIPR, TRX, Slamball.


500 calories burning HIIT workout.

Exercises: Squat press, kettlebell swing, one-arm snatch, TRX jack knife push-up, rainbow slam.

Equipment: Octagon HTS frame, Corebag, kettlebell, GRIPR, TRX, Slamball.


Small group supersets around
a frame.

Exercises: Pull-up, squat, power press, split jump, rope pull, foot reach through, boxing, burpee.

Equipment: Octagon T1 frame, torso trainer, rope pull.


The ultimate kettlebell complex
in 35 seconds.

Exercises: Clean, squat, swing, rows, push-up, front squat, double military press.

Equipment: Kettlebells.


30-second explosive strength and power workout.

Exercises: Back squat, box jump, sled push.

Equipment: Olympic bar and plates, plyobox, sled.


Filthy 50 dumbbell challenge.

Exercises: Push-up to overhead.

Equipment: Dumbbells.


The best three Bulgarian Bag exercises.

Exercises: Spin into arm throw, lateral arm throw woodchop combo, modified swing snatch.

Equipment: Bulgarian Bag.


Crazy two hand workout.

Exercises: Barbell one arm snatch, kettlebell windmill/curl/lift, Turkish get-up.

Equipment: Barbell, kettlebell.


Body blast workout with dumbbells
and sled.

Exercises: Walking lunge, sled push into rope pull, squat and press.

Equipment: Dumbbell, sled, rope.


A push-pull aerobic conditioning workout.

Exercises: Sled push and pull, sled rope pull.

Equipment: Sled, rope.


Go low, go high and
go fast anaerobic workout.

Exercises: Sled push and pull, split jump, squat jump.

Equipment: Sled, rope, sandbag.


Pull, push, push-up and press anaerobic workout.

Exercises: Sled pull, push-up, shoulder press, high pull release.

Equipment: Sled, plyobox, sandbag.